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Value-oriented, efficient, expeditious and customer centered - that's how I describe the services BOC3services.com provides. We're here to handle your process agent needs long-term and we pledge to keep your agents in good standing so you minimize your risk exposure and remain in compliance.


THIRD-PARTY SERVICE PROVIDER NOTICE: BOC3services.com is a private, third-party process agent service company offering services for a fee. This is a commercial solicitation and advertisement. BOC3services.com is an FMCSA-authorized filer NOT affiliated with any government authority.

AUTOMATIC ANNUAL RENEW NOTICE: Once you opt in at checkout, uou understand and agree that you are establishing a BOC-3 account for which there is a $50 set up fee and then an annual maintenance fee of $25 (subject to change with 30 days' notice). You may cancel the upcoming renewal on or before November 30 by writing to support@CarrierRegistration.com. If you are still in our client database as of December 30th, you will be charged for the renewal and cannot cancel until the following year (before November 30). If you submit an order for a BOC-3, you are directing us to automatically renew your account with us and your credit card will be automatically charged with notice on or after December 1st in accordance with the "Restore Online Shoppers' Confidence Act'' ("ROSCA"). You agree you are giving your "express informed consent" by placing an order and clicking the green check out button. You are then placing your original BOC-3 order and the automatic renewal order at the same time and are expressing your desire to order the original BOC-3 and annual renewals when you affirmatively click the green check out button, which accepts these terms. You further agree you are duly informed in accordance with ROSCA. 

Once you submit your order there are NO REFUNDS or CANCELLATIONS for the current year. You understand that you may cancel the upcoming annual renewal on or before November 30 (i.e. you may cancel your current year BOC-3 service account by emailing us on or before November 30th) by writing to support@CarrierRegistration.com. Any entity that electronically opted in and is still in our client database as of December 1st, will be charged for the renewal and cannot cancel until the following year.